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Dakota Anglers Jamestown ND Update

by Dave Scmidt

Welcome to Fall! This is a great time to get out and use

your boat again or maybe shore fish. With cooling water, fish

will move into shallower water and be on the feed. I know

the days are shorter, but make the most of it for open water

fishing. We all know that it will not be long before we will

have hard water and hopefully good ice. With that said, make

sure the ice is safe before you venture onto it and maybe

wearing a life jacket may not be a bad idea. But back to open

water, with the larger area waters not giving its walleyes

very easy this past summer, the smaller new productive area

lakes have been doing very well and there is no reason it

should stop. I know on some of these lakes access is getting

worse because of the drop in water levels, but waders to help

you push out the boat will keep you dry. In most cases you

may be the only one on the water. Enjoy it.

I would like to thank all those who participated and helped

at the outings. We are already thinking of next year’s outings,

so please keep them in mind and tell a friend, or bring

them along. Also remember our club meetings at the All-Vets

club. We would like to see you there and hear your thoughts.

Till next time.

Dave Schmidt, President