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2020 Bisman Reel & Rec Results

  Reel & Rec 2020 Ice Fishing Extravaganza Results

  On Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 the 36th Annual Bis-Man Reel-n-Rec Ice Fishing Extravaganza was held at the Totten Trail Resort located on the Northwest corner of Lake Audubon.

  “It was a good day,” said Bis-Man Reel-n-Rec Club President, Don Schick. “In total 102 kids and 350 adults registered and fished the event. The weather was good and temperatures were warm.”

  The following were the top three largest fish caught in each category;



  1st Place / Sam Overton 2 lb. 7 oz

  2nd Place / Scott lrmen 1 lb. 9 oz

  3rd Place / Gib Gunwall 1 lb. 8 oz



  1st Place / Dave Reisenauer 6.2 oz

  2ndPlace / Jane Reisenauer 5.5 oz

  3rd Place / Jane Reisenauer 4.9 oz


  Northern Pike

  1st Place / Eric Bischke 12 lb. 6 oz

  2nd Place / M ike Hutchens 4 lb. 2 oz

  3rd Place / Scott Wiedermann 3 lb. 12 oz


* Photo Cutline A: Nolan Swensrud from Minot, age ,5 enjoyed a great day fishing Lake Audubon. Parents are Brandon and Brittany Swensrud. Photo submitted by Nolan’s Grandma Jacki Anfinson


* Photo Cutline B: Lincoln Kolden, age 4, Garrison, took home a 1st Place check during the Bis-Man Reel and Rec Ice Fishing Extravaganza held on Lake Audubon this past February. Father is Craig Kolden of Garrison.