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American Heroes Outdoors

by DC Staff

American Heroes Outdoors Television is a documentation of journey, commitment, struggle and healing. Our program is a tribute to this nation’s service men and women. Their stories are compelling and real. After witnessing the dangers and horror of combat, the outdoors for many veteran military personnel is a therapy.

Our program contains diverse outdoor television segments in which we film and showcase a variety of settings and situations: Watching the pink sunrise on a South Dakota marsh, formations of mallards and teal swing through the decoys on cupped locked wings; The sting of a brisk November wind as the fall leaves rustle and the tree stand swings slightly, suddenly realizing there is a whitetail buck standing less than fifteen yards away.  The deer is so close you can see the whiskers on its nose; The startling thrill of a bass crushing a topwater lure; A trophy walleye digging below the boat with a powerful tail the size of two adult hands.

We believe the outdoors makes our society better.  The message we have to our viewers is twofold.  Hunting and fishing is a rich heritage that can enrich the life of any man or woman.  Time spent in the field or on the water cleanses the senses and soul.  You don’t have to experience the horror and dangers of war to appreciate what the outdoors can offer us as individuals.  Our hope with this programming however is not just to leave you with an appreciation for what the outdoors can do for people; we also want to give you a glimpse to the sacrifice, bravery and commitment of our American Heroes.  The United States of America remains a land of opportunity and prosperity because of the selflessness of our military personnel.

If you or a friend, relative or loved one who served their country would like to appear as a guest on American Hero Outdoors Television, please contact us as we are reaching out to as many heroes as possible as we film each season. Guests are not only limited to military service.  Law enforcement along with fire and rescue personnel are also featured.