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April Spring Special Fishing Edition 2020

by DC Staff

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Here’s light look into the 152 page 2020 April Spring Special Fishing


52 - ND Fisheries Review by DC Staff

60 - Lake Oahe Update by DC Staff

66 - Record Walleye Potential by DC Staff

70 - Born to Fish by Lyle Gallagher

72 - Puppy Food by Patricia Stockdill

80 - Camera Magic by Doug Leier, NDGFD

84 - The Right Stuff by Tony Dean

92 - Alkaline Lake Report by DC Staff

96 - Skin Cancer... One Man’s Story

98 - Resident Resources by Chuck Dieter

102 - Casting 101 by Bill Mitzel

110 - Walleye Resources by Doug Leier, NDGFD

112 - The World of Fishing by Jason Mitchell

118 - The Turkey Game by Jon Mitzel

120 - Catching Fish From Deep Water by Doug Leier, NDGFD

122 - Chinook Salmon Survey by Patricia Stockdill

128 - Raising Big Bluegills by DC Staff

132 - The Kids’ View... Essays from kids who like to fish



Dungarees and Pantaloons by Bill Antonides

The April Rush by Jason Mitchell

Leaving a Mark by John Pollman

A Big Spring by Nick Simonson

A New Season, Fresh Fish Recipes by Dell Hankey

Watching out for our wild lands by Jim Fuglie

From the Editor -- Fishing: Just trying to keep it simple by Bill Mitzel

Editorial by Jon Mitzel - A Glimpse Forward

Guest Editorial: Who gets first chance at the resources by Chris Grondahl



South Dakota Glacial Lakes Report; Interest in fishing continues to thrive by Brian Blackwell, SDGFD Fisheries Biologist of Webster, SD

Missouri River Report by USACE

Dakota Recall - A look back to March, 1996. “For now, no perch limits for Devils Lake

Look Who’s Talking

Dakota Digest

Gadget Corner: New Products for a New Season by Mort Bank

Prairie Portraits

Dakota Country Notebook - Always an Adventure by Bill Mitzel

Dakota Kids!

Big Fish Report

New Products


Last Cast

A final through by Terry Terrill “Things to think about when you’re at a wedding you don’t want to be at.”