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April Spring Special Fishing Edition 2022

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April Spring Special Fishing Edition 2022


• Large deer herds signal tough winter by Dakota Country magazine with photography by Rick Bohn

• North Dakota Fisheries Interview with ND fisheries Chief Greg Power

• South Dakota Fisheries Review with South Dakota administrator John Lott

• Angler questions Lake Oahe walleyes

• Our Native Tongue by Tony Dean (reprinted from August, 2005)

• Boat Ramp Update

• Historic Devils Lake by Bill Mitzel

• Spring Snow Geese by John Pollman

• Hooked on Fishing by Bill Mitzel

• Maintaining Interest by Patricia Stockdill

• Spring Cleaning by Chuck Dieter

• What's a lure? by Evonne Thorvig Piepkorn

• Catch and Release by Doug Leier

• Fishing Secrets by Steve McComas

• Is fishing luck or skill? by Lyle Gallagher

• Three takes on Reproduction by Paul Bailey, Jesse Kolar and Stephanie Tucker

• Fishing in Today's World by Doug Leier

• Turkey Time by Jeffrey Miller

• Springtime Walleyes by Nick Harrington

• Lake Sakakawea Outlook



• Asleep at the Steal by Bill Antonides

• Alaskan Adventure by Jason Mitchell

• Time for GFP to decide what the Predator Bounty Program is and isn't by John Pollman

• On-the-fly with springtime slabs by Nick Simonson

• Editorial by Jon Mitzel; Wind, waves, water and more

• Recipes; Easy in, easy out, easy done by Dell Hankey

• Gadget Corner by Mort Bank -- Boats of Today



• Letters-to-the-Editor: Vaccination Comments Questions by Paul Petersen, Luck WI. No Personal Opinions, Please by Karl Palloch, Colfax, ND. In memory of a great outdoor friend by David Jaromo, Devils Lake, ND.

• South Dakota Glacial Lakes Report by Brian Blackwell, South Dakota GFP Fisheries Biologist, Webster, South Dakota; A mid-winter trip to warmer climes

• Missouri River Update: Below average runoff continues into upper reach by USACE

• Prairie Recall - A look back to April, 1995 -- Lake Oahe Fishing Update; Fishing was so good on Lake Oahe in 1994 it surprised even local veterans

• Badlands Watch by Jim Fuglie -- America the Beautiful... Who could be against that?

• Look Who's Talking

• Dakota Digest: Electronic Posting; CWD Test Results; 2021 Bighorn Sheep/Moose/Elk Harvests; 2022 Nest Predator Bounty Program for Youth; Gary Wolf Returns to Endangered Species List; Midwinter Waterfowl Survey; Upland Hunting Book Offered; Anti's Want Hunting Stopped on NWRs;

• Dakota Country Notebook

• ND/SD Whopper/Catch & Release Reports

• Classifieds

• New Products

• Last Cast and much more!