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April Spring Special Fishing Edition!

by Jon Mitzel

Here's a light look into our biggest book of the year... the April Spring Special Fishing Edition!

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• Editorial by Jon Mitzel: Good Medicine in Today's World

• From the Editori by Bill Mitzel: Scientists take of the fish, anglers take care of the fishing

• Kids fishing... tips & tales by Bill Antonidies

• Spring Snow Geese by Jason Mitchell

• Signs of Spring by John Pollman

• South Dakota Glacial Lakes Report by Brian Blackwell, Fisheries Biologist in Webster, SD: Winter Recap, A look ahead to the open water season

• Missour River Report: Runoff predictions increased with snowpack

• Dell Hankey Recipes: Very, very venison...

• Prairie Recall: April, 1990... ND: First zander caught, program on hold. SD: New Tournament Regs...

• Jim Fuglie: Backcountry hunters and anglers chapter forming

• Look Who's Talking

• Dakota Digest

• Gadget Corner by Mort Bank: New Products for your boat

• A visit with the North Dakota Fisheries Chief... Greg Power

• A visit with the South Dakota Fisheries Boss... John Lott

• Devils Lake Fishing Update: Championship Fishing

• Black Hills Fish Management Changing

• Drought, fisheries and the roller coaster that is prairie water by Patricia Stockdill

• So, you want to own a Canadian Fishing Lodge by Chuck Dieter

• SDGFP Examining New Walleye Regulations by Mark Ermer, Northeast, SD Fisheries Supervisor

• Lake Oahe/Missouri River Update by Dakota Country Staff Report

• Aging Walleyes in Northern Prairie Water by Dakota Country Staff Report

• Setting Priorities OR How to make big money hunting and fishing by the late Tony Dean

• Spring Snow Geese: Always a Great Challenge by Jon Mitzel

• South Dakota Deer Hunter Preference Points Change by Dana Rogers

• A Tale of Two Parks: How the Bakken Boom transformed the landscape by Emily Gurin of High Country News

• The Carp Spawning Ritual by Bill Mitzel

• ND Game and Fish Violations Tallied from 2017

• Modern technology still allows for catch and release fishing by Doug Leier of the NDGFD

• When you wear out your welcome, bring out the live bait by Jason Mitchell

• A strong case for fluorocarbon fishing line by Mitch Eagan

• Give some love to Burbot! by Patricia Stockdill

• Habitat: The Million-Acre Plan by Mike McEnroe

• The Value of Pollinators by Doug Leier of the NDGFD

• 2017 North Dakota Salmon Angling Report by  Jack Long

• Dakota Country Notebook by Bill Mitzel: In Defense of Northern Pike

• Dakota Kids!

• ND/SD Whopper & Catch and Release Reports

• Classifieds

• New Products

• Last Cast