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Bismarck Man Nominated for Delta Waterfowl Volunteer of the Year

by Scott Terning

Bismarck Man Nominated for Delta Waterfowl Volunteer of the Year


Like most volunteers of Delta Waterfowl, Tim Kellar enjoys fundraising and holds one of the best small-town events in the state.  Kellar has been involved with the Bottom’s Up chapter in Wilton, ND from the beginning - established in 2004 and will be holding its 15th Annual Banquet this year in February.  His outstanding dedication as a volunteer has earned Kellar a distinct honor: He’s one of sixteen national nominations. 


“Kellar’s pride for community fundraising results and providing local impact is priceless,” said Scott Terning, Events Fundraising Manager for Delta Waterfowl. “Yet even with the accomplishments that he has helped the committee achieve, Tim remains incredibly humble and wants everyone to share in the chapter’s local accomplishments. Delta is extremely fortunate to have him and other chapter volunteers involved at the local level.”


With 4000 devoted volunteers in the United States and Canada, Delta Waterfowl and communities benefit from the efforts of these devoted volunteers.  While Delta, which bills itself as The Duck Hunters Organization, celebrates the contributions of every volunteer, only a handful of people are nominated for Volunteer of the Year.


Delta Waterfowl Foundation is The Duck Hunters Organization, a leading conservation group working to produce ducks and ensuring a strong future for duck hunting in North America. Visit