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Dakota Country's 2015 Special Fall Edition

by Jon Mitzel

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• Editorial: Can North Dakota Save Its Deer Herd? by Jon Mitzel
• From the Editor by Bill Mitzel
• Letters to the Editory... Limiting Noresident Hunters by John R. Simpson... Dakota Nonresident Waterfowl Tags by John James, Looking for Patches by Dan Kelsey, RDO Not Full Pollinator Friendly by Lex Horan and Still Enjoying the Outdoors by William F. Pich.
• Dan Nelson: The End of a Good Ride
• Bill Antonides: Christmas Tree Hill

• Jason Mitchell: The Lion Killing Incident
• Behind SD's Waterfowl Hunter Resitrictions by Chuck Dieter
• Ri ver Adventure by Bill Mitzel
• Pheasant Habitat Update by Dakota Country Staff Report
• A Visit with Randy Kreil by Bill Mitzel
• In the Midst of Tornadoes by DC Staff
• Birds of Prey by Patricia Stockdill
• The Basics of Pronhorn by Dana Rogers
• The Mettler SD Buck Record by Jason Bokes
• Williston Wastewater Problems by Amy Dalrymple
• Saving Grasslands by Tony Dean
• ND Antelope Recovery by Doug Leier
• Turtle Mountain Hotspot by Bruce Burkett
• Turn in Tagged Salmon
• A Landmark Hunt by Lee Murdock
• A Wildlife Biologist's Perspective by Tori McCormick
• ND Badlands Elk Update by Patricia Stockdill
• Sportsmen Against Hunger by Ron Fowler
• From a Bowhunter's Perspective by Darrell Belisle
• The Toboggan Buck by Lyle Gallagher
• Pup's First Day by Dan Murray Aboslute Gun Dogs
• Preliminary Pheasant Data