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Dakota Tackle Auction February 7, 2025

Dakota Tackle remaining inventory of tackle, marine accessories, office supplies, and store fixtures will be sold at online auction February 7-14, 2024. View now at 

Follow these instructions on how to locate the Dakota Tackle Bid Page on Pifer's:

1. Go to

2. Click on the category: "Equipment Auctions"

3. Click on the auction titled: "Upper Midwest Timed Online Only Equipment Auction - February 2024"

NOTE: On the first page, there will be a listing that shows ALL of our equipment being put up for auction - you cannot place a bid on this, it is only to show the items. To place a bid on a certain photo, follow the steps below:

4. Use the page navigator to go to page 5

5. Scroll to find our first listing: lot #207

6. Our listings span from page 5 to page 12 (ending with lot #549)

NOTE: Click the blue bid button to register to bid. Also note, the link below will take to you to page 5