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Devils Lake December Ice Fishing Update

Devils Lake CVB

Devils Lake Guides Make Every Day a Winner!

By: Devils Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau

Devils Lake - Being the Number One North American ice fishing destination is an accolade that Devils Lake fishing guides take seriously.  They make sure each client receives more bang for the buck (and more fish).  Guides are on the ice daily.  They know where to go and what to do for the most successful trips possible.

There are large guide services like the Perch Patrol, now 11 guides strong, combining their three centuries of on-ice skills and knowledge.  This produces results, and like Perch Patrol founder Zippy Dahl said, “Hiring a guide is about saving time.  Guests are here for a brief period and cannot compete with our time on the water.  Knowledge is a valuable commodity.”  The guide team works together to make sure all clients catch fish.

The Perch Patrol faces the challenge of escorting beginners to experts and from young to old on the ice.  “We educate, catch fish, offer a quality experience, and create a lifetime of memories in just a few days,” Zippy said.  Ice has a life of its own, and he added, “It lives, breathes and changes.  It’s now healing and after Christmas, we begin our non-stop ice season.  We want to make each trip a two-way journey.  Safety is most important.”

Just like the fishing season – open 12 months of the year on Devils Lake – Zippy’s Perch Patrol can trek across the ice and snow no matter the conditions in their tracked ATV vehicles.  This is the Perch Patrol’s 23rd year ice guiding.  Based on the fall open-water fishing, Zippy anticipates a very good winter season.  

He said, “This fall we caught more big perch by accident while walleye fishing than ever.  The same holds for walleyes.  Indications are that this will be a winter to remember.”  Zippy can be reached directly at 701-351-3474 and also has an availability calendar on  There are also packages available via Woodland Resort and the Sleep Inn motel.  “We can still fit people in, but spots are booking rapidly,” he said.

For more information about Devils Lake guide services, ice conditions, motels, resorts, fish cleaning stations, fishing reports for walleye, pike, perch and white bass, community activities, tournament opportunities, dining, casino, pike fillet tactics and much more, go to, or call the Tourism office, 701-662-4903.