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Diabolical Diver Decoys

by DC Mag Staff

NEW Avian-X Topflight Canvasback/Redhead Sleeper Pack is a deadly addition to any big-water spread


Port Clinton, OH (September 27, 2016) – An effective decoy spread has many elements that combine to make it that way.  Decoys need to be placed in an overall configuration that appears natural to passing waterfowl, and in an appealing location as well. 


Most waterfowlers go to great lengths to get their spreads looking “right”. Even then, however, those same decoy spreads fall short of perfection. The typical mistake?  Placing inferior blocks that all look the same.


It doesn’t rain ducks every day, so hunters grind it out with stale, pressured, educated birds throughout much of the season. These winged rocket scientists know what looks right and what doesn’t. Your decoy spread had better be pretty convincing if you hope to fool them.


Avian-X’s NEW Topflight Canvasback/Redhead Sleeper Pack provides a duck-dropping one-two punch of realism to any big-water decoy spread.


Canvasbacks and redheads are big ducks that are highly visible on the water. The white flanks of a bull can flash like a beacon to incoming waterfowl, while the red heads of the drakes of both species stand out in a crowd. Taking things a step further, few sights convey security to decoying ducks better than the sight of sleeping birds. Hunters who don’t incorporate these highly effective poses into their spreads are missing an easy opportunity. 


Avian-X Topflight Canvasback/Redhead Sleepers are the most realistic molded sleeper decoys available. Crafted from incredibly detailed originals carved by world champion carver, Rick Johannsen, they’re finished with highly detailed paint schemes to defy the eyes of the wariest ducks. An innovative weight-forward swim keel design to produce convincing motion with the slightest breeze or current, while advanced rubberized molding material and non-chip paint ensure long-lasting durability.


Sold as a Six-Pack, Avian-X Topflight Canvasback/Redhead Sleepers consist of two Sleeper Bull Cans, two Sleeper Hen Cans, one Sleeper Drake Redhead and one Sleeper Hen Redhead. Slightly over-sized for enhanced visibility, these decoys measure 15" breast to tail.



• Model / SKU: 8087

• UPC: 81028080872

• 6 Pack includes two Sleeper Bull Cans, two Sleeper Hen Cans, one Sleeper Drake Redhead and one

   Sleeper Hen Redhead

• Decoy bodies are slightly over-sized for enhanced visibility, measuring 15”L x 8”W x 8”H

• Carved by world champion carver Rick Johannsen

• True-to-life paint schemes

• Weight-forward swim keel design allows decoys to ride true in rough water

• Advanced rubberized molding material 

• Non-chip paint 

• MSRP: $79.99


Attention to detail and the provision of natural, welcoming poses are two primary reasons why Avian-X’s highly realistic Topflight floating decoys are widely viewed as the best of the best – performing well beyond their price and providing confidence to both hunters and the waterfowl they pursue. Avian-X’s NEW Topflight Canvasback/Redhead Sleepers are a prime example, and a deadly addition to any big-water spread.


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