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Feb March 2017 Edition

by Jon Mitzel

Here's a light sampling of the February/March 2017 Edition...

6 Hard Times on the Northern Plains by Bill Mitzel

8 Letters to the Editor

10 Crystal Clear by Bill Antonides

14 Modern Ice Fishing Times by Jason Mitchell

18 Beginnings and Ends by John Pollman

20 SD Glacial Lakes Report... Problems with Winter and Water

22 Missouri River Update

24 Favorite recipes from the past by Dell Hankey

26 Prairie Recall: '95 a great year for fishing by DC Staff Report

28 Badlands Watch: Returning to the scene of the crime by Jim  Fuglie

32 Look Who's Talking

36 Dakota Digest

43 Gadget Corner: Dark House Spearfishing by Mort Bank

44 Winter Hurting Wildlife Dakota Country Staff Report

50 Politics and Wildlife Management Part II by John Cooper

56 Tailrace Winter Fishing by Patricia Stockdill

60 Preserving Fish and Game by Chuck Dieter

64 When Fish Go Deep by Jason Mitchell

70 Hometown Heroes by David Morse

72 Ice Fishing Update 2016/2017

74 Shed Hunting Ethics by Dana Rogers

78 Remembering One of Our Own by Dan Nelson