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Indian Hills Lake Sakakawea Fishing Report 7-1-15

by Kelly Sorge

Fishing Report: 

*Indian Hills Resort:  Anglers are enjoying an improving walleye bite. Try working the south shore in 9 to 15 feet.

*Garrison: Finally, the east end of Lake Sakakawea is improving for walleye. Try inside the bays themselves, including Garrison, Douglas, Steinke, and deTrobriand bays, in 12 feet and shallower using a variety of presentation and bait. Some smallmouth bass are more active with continued pike activity with warming water. 

*Pick City: Lake Sakakawea is fair for walleye in Douglas Bay in 4 to 12 feet. However, anglers might also want to try Ellwein or Isaak bays along the south shore. Some activity on the east end but most success remains west. Salmon success remains limited but look for improving activity with warmer water temperatures. 

*South shore: Anglers are finding improving walleye activity. Work shallow in 7 to 10 feet using spinners with nightcrawlers around Beaver Bay. In general, though, most areas are showing some success.

*Van Hook Arm: Parshall, Van Hook Arm, and Shell Bay are all producing walleye. Work 6 to 25 feet using spinners, Lindy rigs, or crankbaits with better success on breezy days.

           North Dakota Rivers Report, featuring Lake Sakakawea’s two major tributaries: 

*Missouri River: Garrison Dam average daily discharge remains at 21,000 cubic feet per second (CFS). The lake continues on the rise with an elevation of 1,844.35 feet above mean sea level July 1. 

*Little Missouri River, Long X Bridge: The streamflow average is 1,300 CFS while river stage is 1.75 feet – it’s really rocking and rolling with recent rains coming in. 

*Yellowstone River, Sidney, Mont. The Yellowstone’s river stage is 8.23 while it is flowing at a rate of 21,200 CFS. 

Kelly Sorge
Indian Hills Resort