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July August Edition 2017

Jon Mitzel

Here's a light look into the July/August Edition of Dakota Country Magazine...


• Pike Tagging Project

• Small Lake Fishing

• Fishing Tournaments: Then and Now

• Early Fall Goose Harvest

• Oahe Walleye Stocking

• ND Bighorn Update

•  Rendezvous with Pike

• Spring Duck Counts

• Devils Lake Fish Update

• Early Risers


• Editorial: Feedback on Shore Fishing Story Last Month by Bill Mitzel

• Fireworks and Fish by Bill Antonides

• Today's Hunting World by Jason Mitchell

• A Boy and His Dog by John Pollman

• SD Glacial Lakes Report: Community Based Fishing Ponds by Brian Blackwell

• Missouri River Update

• Panfish Perfection Recipes by Dell Hankey

• Prairie Recall: July 1991... Volunteers help in conserving resources

• Badlands Watch: The Sellout of Van Hook Park by Jim Fuglie

• Gadget Corner: Summer Topwater Action by Mort Bank

• Dakota Country Notebook: Getting up early to beat the heat by Bill Mitzel

• Dakota Days: Summertime and the living is easy



• Look Who's Talking

• Dakota Digest

• ND/SD Whopper Reports

• New Products

• Classifieds

• And Much, Much More!