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June 2020 Edition

by DC Staff

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Here's a light look into the June 2020 Edition of Dakota Country Magazine

June 2020 Dakota Country Magazine



ND Bighorn Sheep Numbers Improve by NDGFD

Keeping Fishing Simple by Chuck Dieter

Deer Being Affected by Pesticides by Nick Lowrey

Youth Camps Promote Outdoors

Fishing License Numbers Up

Love the River by Bill Mitzel

Excise Tax Funds for Dakotas

The Fishing Game by Bill Mitzel

Another Option for Weed Control by Pete Bauman, SDSU Extension Range Field Specialist



On the Surface by Jon Mitzel

Forged by Fire by Bill Antonides

The big one is released by Jason Mitzel

The virus hits our resources by John Pollman

Multi-tasking by Nick Simonson

Always Good Venison Recipes by Dell Hankey

Booms, Busts and Pandemics by Jim Fuglie



Letters-to-the-Editor: Keeping track of wildlife when they need some help by Al Kraft, Hill City, South Dakota

South Dakota Glacial Lakes Report: Muskrat Ramble (wildlife taking care of itself) by Brian Blackwell, Fisheries Biologist, Webster, SD

Missouri River Report: Lower Runoff Forecasted

Dakota Recall (June 1985) ND Spawning Efforts Conclude Early

Look Who's Talking

Dakota Digest

ND/SD Whopper Reports


New Products

Gadget Corner: The Fish of 1,000 Casts by Mort Bank

Dakota Country Notebook: So Many Fish, So Little Time by Bill Mitzel

Last Cast

A final thought... Keeping Tradition Alive by Terry Terrill


And Much More!