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Launching and Loading Boats


Launching, Loading Boats

The North Dakota Game and Fish Department encourages boaters to plan accordingly when launching and loading a boat. Here are a few simple reminders to ensure a fluent transition at the ramp.


  • Don't pull onto the ramp until your boat is ready to launch. 
  • Prepare for launching in the parking area. Remove covers, load equipment, remove tie downs, attach lines and put in drain plug before backing onto the ramp.
  • When ready, pull in line to launch. Wait your turn. Be courteous. 


  • Don't block the loading area with your boat until your tow vehicle is ready to load. Wait until you are clear of the launch area to unload gear. 
  • When your trailer is in the water, load and secure your boat to the trailer.
  • Remove boat and trailer from the water as quickly as possible. 
  • Get clear of the ramp. Pull into the parking area to finish securing your boat, unload gear, drain all water and inspect for and remove any vegetation. Remember to leave plugs out when transporting your boat. •