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May 2024 Edition

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May 2024 Edition Features

SD Nonresident Waterfowl by Joshua Haiar

Winter ups and downs by Doug Leier

Questions and Answers by Cayla Bendel

What's in a Lake Name by Patricia Stockdill

Lake Profile: Heart Butte Reservoir by Clint Lindemann

Swimbaits by Chris Nelson

Bighorn Sheep Count High

Decisions on Outdoors Matters by Chuck Dieter

North Dakota Fishing Regulations 2024 by Doug Leier

The return of waterfowl by Bill Mitzel

Debate flares over failed bill on public-private campgrounds by Joshua Haiar

Fishing Technology by Bill Mitzel

Dakota Country Notebook by Bill Mitzel



Missouri River Report

South Dakota Glacial Lakes Report

Dakota Recall

Look Who's Talking

Dakota Digest

Whopper/Catch and Release Report


Last Cast



Jon Mitzel - Great fishing ahead

Bill Antonides - Spring forward, fall back

Jason Mitchell - The outdoor world today

John Pollman - Staying grounded in the outdoors

Nick Simonson - How ANS will change angling in the Dakotas

Peggy Hankey - Simple and delicious recipes

Mort Bank - Gadget Corner

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