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Motorists Warned to Watch for Deer


Drivers are reminded to watch for deer along roadways this time of year because juvenile animals are dispersing from their home ranges.

October through early December is the peak period for deer-vehicle accidents. Motorists are advised to exercise caution after dark along roadways. Most deer-vehicle accidents occur primarily at dawn and dusk when deer are most often moving.

Motorists should be aware of warning signs signaling deer are in the area. When you see one deer cross the road, look for a second or third deer to follow.

If an accident does happen, motorists are reminded that a law passed by the ND 2013 legislature eliminates the need for the driver to notify law enforcement authorities, if only the vehicle is damaged. Deer-vehicle accidents that involve personal injury or other property damage still must be reported.

In addition, a permit is still required to take parts or the whole carcass of a road-killed deer. Permits are free and available from game wardens and local law enforcement offices.