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ND Administrative Rules Hearing Set


Administrative Rules Hearing Set for June 18


The North Dakota Game and Fish Department will hold a public hearing to address proposed rule changes to North Dakota Administrative Code Title 30. The hearing is scheduled for 1:15 p.m., Thursday, June 18 at the agency’s main office in Bismarck.


The purpose and explanation of the proposed rule changes are as follows:


Chapter 30-02-02. Section 30-02-02-02. License requirements. An amendment to add requirement to have required hunting license(s) in possession and follow associated season regulations.


Chapter 30-02-10. Section 30-02-10-03. Accounting Statement. An amendment to update the due date of the standardized form and statement due to the director.


Chapter 30-02-10. Section 30-02-10-04. Performance Report. An amendment to update the applicable sections of law, the due date, and the minimum information required in the performance report to the director.


Chapter 30-03-01.1. Section 30-03-01.1-04. License limitations. An amendment to clarify that violations of state or federal game or fish laws may result in license denial, suspension or revocation.


Chapter 30-03-01.1. Section 30-03-01.1-05. Assistants covered by license.  An amendment to clarify who is not qualified to assist a licensed bait vendor.


Chapter 30-03-01.1. Section 30-03-01.1-14. Wholesale bait pond. An amendment to this section to state that each wholesale bait pond must be listed on the wholesaler’s pond application form and all ponds must be approved by the director prior to trapping.


Chapter 30-03-03. Section 30-03-03-05. Open when in use. An amendment to clarify that fish houses shall always be open for inspection when in use.


Chapter 30-03-05. Section 30-03-05-01. Fishing contest defined.  An amendment to this section to define what is considered a fishing contest.


Chapter 30-03-05. Section 30-03-05-03. Use of proceeds. An amendment to update gross proceeds and conservation fees.


Chapter 30-03-06. Section 30-03-06-01. Equipment.  An amendment to clarify equipment that shall be free of prohibited or regulated aquatic nuisance species upon leaving any water body or while in transit.


Chapter 30-04-02. Section 30-04-02-10. Animals prohibited – Exceptions. An amendment to add clarification on horseback riding on a wildlife management area.


Chapter 30-04-02. Section 30-04-02-14.2. Dogs. An amendment to update and clarify the training of gun and bird dogs on wildlife management areas and to update the fee for violation.


Chapter 30-04-03. Section 30-04-03-19. Hunt or fish records. Amendments to this section including submitting a copy to the director no later than thirty days following expiration of the license and what type of fish species was taken to include the name of the waterbody and the county.


Chapter 30-04-05. Section 30-04-05-01. Fishing, hunting and fur-bearer certificate. An amendment to this section to clarify that licenses will be included on a certificate and what information is included on a certificate.


Chapter 30-04-05. Section 30-04-05-02. License design. [Repealed]


Chapter 30-04-05. Section 30-04-05-03. Combined licenses. An amendment to this section to clarify combined licenses.


Chapter 30-04-05. Section 30-04-05-04. Moose, elk, and bighorn sheep licenses. [Repealed] 


Chapter 30-04-05. Section 30-04-05-05. Issuance of stamps. An amendment to this section to state that physical stamps are no longer issued by the department. 


Chapter 30-04-05. Section 30-04-05-06. Computer-generated licenses. An amendment to this section to clarify that all licenses are electronically generated by the department’s online licensing system and that licenses do not require a signature. 


Chapter 30-04-06. Duplicate Licenses. Amending section 30-04-06-01 regarding reissuing replacements for lost or destroyed game and fish licenses and amending section 30-04-06-02 to update the fee for each license that is to be replaced. 


Chapter 30-04-07. Section 30-04-07-01. Wildlife Replacement Values. An amendment to add Elk, Moose and Bighorn sheep, remove snapping turtles, update mussels and add fish and other aquatic species restitution values.


Chapter 30-04-07. Section 30-04-07-02. Adjustments to base values for deer. An amendment to this section to state that adjustments are calculated using the green, gross score determined by the Boone and Crockett scoring method for deer. 


Chapter 30-05-01. Section 30-05-01-02. Boat safety equipment. An amendment to update personal flotation devices.


Chapter 30-05-01. Section 30-05-01-07. Placement of regulatory signs, markers, buoys, and other warning or marking devices. An amendment to increase the fee for violating the restrictions on a sign, marker, buoy, or other warning or marking device.


The proposed rule language may be reviewed on the Department’s website at A copy of the proposed rules may be requested by calling 701-328-6305, or emailing Written or oral comments on the proposed rules must be received by June 28, 2020 for consideration.


Anyone who attends the public hearing and needs special facilities or assistance relating to a disability should contact the Game and Fish Department, at the above phone number, at least seven days before the public hearing.