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NEW Blackfish Brand Apparel Line Launched

by Jon Mitzel

You can’t choose the weather. You can choose the right gear for it. Introducing BlackfishTM — a line of premium outdoor apparel created for anglers and outdoors enthusiasts.


The folks at Blackfish are anglers themselves. They know what works and what doesn’t. They saw a need in the outdoor market for rain gear that actually keeps you dry, UPF Performance wear that actually keeps you protected and cool, and soft shells that are comfortable and warm.


So they secured the best fabric technology in the industry, and put the best apparel designers to work. The result is a line of premium outdoor wear that utilizes a combination of cutting edge technology and design.


“It’s all about protection and performance,” notes Shawn Knodt, Lead Blackfish Apparel Engineer, “People will enjoy their outdoor experiences more when they’re comfortable. Choosing the right apparel while participating in rainy, cold, sunny or warm conditions will not only help you perform better, but it will allow you more opportunites to get outside to enjoy the activities you love. It’s that simple.”


Sun protection is paramount in angling, especially if you spend all day on the water. By developing a line of Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) apparel, Blackfish engineers designed performance wear that keeps anglers cool, comfortable and protected from the sun with one of the highest UPF ratings in an outdoor garment. Coolcore is chemical-free. The cooling technology draws and dissipates perspiration to provide cooling comfort without the addition of chemicals. Coolcore garments do not lose their moisture wicking and cooling properties after repeat use and washing.


The Blackfish line of products includes softshell jackets, hoodies and legwear designed to provide comfort and protection. Premium fleece linings combined with a durable, weatherproof outer fabric result in softshell fabrics that are superior in both comfort and warmth, setting Blackfish apart from others.


When it comes to raingear, anglers need a waterproof rain suit that keeps water out without causing them to get wet from from the inside by their own sweat. Blackfish designers secured the best weatherproof, waterproof, and breathable fabrics to serve as the foundation for their premium rain wear. With a high breathability rating, eVentTM fabric technology enables Blackfish rain gear to let perspiration and moisture escape from within, while keeping water out. 


The bottom line is the team at Blackfish developed this line of performance wear to give outdoorsmen and women quality apparel to keep them protected and comfortable so they can enjoy the outdoors, longer.


Blackfish UPF, Performance wear and Soft Shells are available in retailers and online now. Rain suits are scheduled for release in Spring 2018.


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