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New Dakotaland Lodging Cabins

by Jim Thompson

I have been doing this my entire life and this is probably one of the best deals I have ever come across. Great for Hunting, Fishing, Lake etc. Cabins. Low Maintenance. They have a 60” one piece fiberglass walk in shower, 40 gallon water heater , full size washer dryer hookups' and are all electric 200 amp service [ no need for gas/ propane. Read the list of features the homes are overall in very good condition. 15 K with origination in Sioux Falls, SD or Alexander , ND. You can estimate freight at $ 4.25 a loaded mile. I can give setup instructions if needed pretty simple process. If you know of anyone who maybe interested you can call my cell or email me at You can view additional pictures at

Jim Thompson, Jr.
5712 W. Parliament Dr.
Sioux Falls, SD 57106
C 605-201-5327