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New Humminbird HELIX7 - Jaw-Dropping Screen Brightness, Speed and Value

by DC Staff

New HELIX™ 7 boasts amazing features and brightest 7-inch fishfinder screen yet

EUFAULA, AL. (7/1/15) – This year the Humminbird HELIX™ 5 shattered all expectations for features and price, literally selling out at retailers across the globe. As anglers hit the water with HELIX, feedback was consistently positive … even passionate

Now welcome the HELIX™ 7 Series, the latest addition to the HELIX family of compact-format fishfinders, which features a best-in-class, widescreen color display and powerful, professional-grade features.  

One look at the HELIX 7 Series and there’s no mistaking its Humminbird DNA. Packed to the gills with technology, the HELIX 7 is easy to use, dependable under any circumstances and unbelievably clear, bright and fast—not to mention built right here in the U.S.A. 

“In Humminbird’s history there have been a lot of successes, but HELIX 5 was immensely popular, bringing anglers of all walks advanced features at an unprecedented price. HELIX 7 is all that and with a larger, brighter and glare-free display. Our engineers really raised the bar with HELIX 7 in terms of features and value at this size. We feel the HELIX 7 Series will be equally popular,” says Humminbird Brand Manager, Jeff Kolodzinski

Even in full sun, the jaw-dropping 480x800 HD resolution and 1500 nit brightness glass-bonded display delivers a clear and precise picture of fish and fish-holding structure. Plus, the ultra-wide 16:9 ratio screen gives anglers ample room for split-screen views, making fishing and navigating even easier. The built-in quick-release gimbal mount makes angle adjustments and removal easy. 


The HELIX 7 Series currently comprises five models to meet the individual needs of anglers and boaters. All units feature X-Press Menu System keypad control, 480Vx800H x 7-inch, 256-color TFT display, and allows for gimbal mounting, or in-dash mounting with optional kit. International models support 200/50kHz. Optional 50 kHz transducers are available for extreme deep-water use. 


When what you need is a 2D look at the world directly below your boat, opt for the HELIX 7 Sonar model, featuring SwitchFire® Sonar for flexibility in challenging fishing situations, including outstanding target separation and clear returns of cover, structure, fish and even your bait.


When details matter, the HELIX™ 7 DI delivers. The 16:9 widescreen format lets you view two screens at once, making it an ideal choice for anglers who want to compare sonar returns. Split-screen views of Down Imaging® and SwitchFire® Sonar make for an unstoppable fishfinding combination, giving anglers an unparalleled view of fish and fish-holding structure. Down Imaging range good to an amazing 350 feet with add-on capability to 600 feet! 


Locate fish, save their whereabouts and easily retrace your steps over and over again. The HELIX 7 Sonar GPS gives you the advantage of running split-screen views of sonar and cartography. You’ll see all that lurks beneath the surface on a clear, bright and 7-inch wide display. Internal GPS guides you back to as many as 2500 waypoints and 45 routes. A single, micro SD card slot runs Humminbird® LakeMaster®, AutoChart™ and AutoChart™ Pro, as well as Navionics® Gold/HotMaps. When “spot on the spot” fishing is the key to success, this is the ideal unit. 


Discover fish and structure, then track their every move with the HELIX 7 DI GPS. See fish and vertical lure presentations by viewing Down Imaging® and SwitchFire® Sonar side-by-side on the wide, 16:9 display. The reliable, internal GPS offers 2500 waypoints and 50 routes, so you can return to your most productive spots time and time again. A single, micro SD card slot delivers Humminbird® LakeMaster®, AutoChart™ and AutoChart™ Pro, as well as Navionics® Gold/HotMaps. But features built-in UniMap™ for easy navigation right out of the box!


Sometimes, you need every possible weapon at your disposal. Days like these call for the HELIX 7 SI GPS and its full arsenal of amazing technologies, including Side Imaging®, Down Imaging® and SwitchFire® Sonar. The seven-inch widescreen is the perfect canvas for your choice of split-screen views.  The single card slot accommodates Humminbird® LakeMaster®, AutoChart™ and AutoChart™ Pro, as well as Navionics® Gold/HotMaps. Leading-edge technology has never been closer in reach. Finally, a mid-sized fishfinder unit that offers all the pros’ favorite features and performance, but doesn’t break the bank. 

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