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November Edition 2022

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Here's a look into the November Edition 2022 of Dakota Country Magazine



page 42 CRP Update in coming Farm Bill by Aaron Field

page 46 Favorite Shotguns by Chuck Dieter

page 50 It's Supposed to be difficult by Jeffrey Miller

page 56 One Million Ducks by Delta Waterfowl

page 58 The Hidden Value of Hunting by Bill Mitzel

page 60 Flannel Sheets and a wet dog by Jerome Ness

page 66 WMA Rules by Doug Leier, NDGFD



page 20 South Dakota Glacial Lakes Report by Brian Blackwell

page 24 Missouri River Report by US Army Corps of Engineers

page 28 Dakota Recall

page 34 Look Who's Talking

page 36 Dakota Digest

page 40 Dakota Country Notebook

page 76 Catch and Release/Whoppers Report by NDGFD/SDGFP

page 78 Last Cast



Killing time but not much else by Bill Antonidies

America Loses a Dakota Pioneer by Bill Mitzel

Party Hunting, Party Fishing by Jason Mitchell

November Mallards by John Pollman

A very public land hunt by Nick Simonson

Fall Goodies Recipes by Dell Hankey