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November Edition

by DC Staff

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Here's a light look in the November 2019 Edition


Hunting the Rut by Dana Rogers

Winter Interruption by DC Staff

Fish Sampling by Doug Leier

Deer Hunting: Change is Good by Jason Zins

Hunting Traditions by Patricia Stockdill

Hunting Tundra Swans by Chuck Dieter

Bird Losses by DC Staff Report

Early Ice Fishing by Bill Mitzel

Fish and Game Gifting by Doug Leier

Favorite Fish Recipes by Dell Hankey



For a very short time by Jon Mitzel

Young dog, old socks by Bill Antonides

Hunt of a lifetime by Jason Mitchell

Duck Opener a memorable (but short) success by John Pollman

The Rapid Shift to still-hunting by Nick Simonson




   The value of the outdoors is a remedy by Michael Hudson of Sioux Falls, SD

   Changes in Geese Habits by Marv Smrau of Minot, ND

   Protecting western North Dakota by Jim Faber of Bismarck, ND

South Dakota Glacial Lakes Report: Remembering Sage by Brian Blackwell, Fisheries Biologist, Webster, South Dakota

Missouri River Report; Releases to remain at high levels by USACE

Dakota Recall - A Look Back to September 1987

Badlands Watch: "Do what you want, but stay off my little Mo" by Jim Fuglie

Look Who's Talking

Dakota Digest

   City Coyote Sightings

   Pipeline Leak

   Waterfowl Trailer Available

   ND Amended Deer Proclamation

   Commission Rejects Modifications to Trapping Regs

   Arizona Bans Hunting Contests

  Moose Encounter

  Motorists Warned to Watch for Deer

   Permit Required to Possess Dead Deer

   Mountain Lion/Coyote Hunting

   SDGFP Commission Adjusts Rules for AIS

   Funds for Wildlife Research

   Over 500 Students in Clay Target League

Gadget Corner - More New Fishing Products from ICAST by Mort Bank

ND Buck and Bulls photo page

Dakota Country  Notebook: The Book: 40 Years of Dakota Country Magazine by Bill Mitzel

ND/SD Big Fish Reports

Dakota Kids

New Products



Last Cast

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