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Put Garbage Where it Belongs


The North Dakota Game and Fish Department reminds outdoor recreationists to keep public use areas, including state wildlife management areas, clean this summer by packing out all trash.

All garbage should be placed in a proper trash receptacle. If trash cans aren’t available, or are full, take the trash and dispose of it at home.

It is not uncommon to see garbage piling up around trash containers after they become full. Styrofoam containers are not biodegradable, but yet are often found wedged in cattails, drifting or washed up on shore.

Worn tires, old mattresses and kitchen appliances have found their way to public use areas. This illegal dumping is costly to clean up and takes a significant toll on the environment. Not only does it spoil the beauty of the land, it destroys habitat, has the potential to pollute North Dakota waters and can injure wildlife.

In addition, possession of glass bottles is prohibited on state wildlife management areas and sovereign lands. Therefore, it is illegal for outdoor recreationists to possess glass containers on sandbars along the Missouri River System.

Littering violations should be reported by calling the Report All Poachers telephone number at 800-472-2121.

A complete list of WMA regulations is available on the Game and Fish website,