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Redheads Done Right

by Traditions Media

Redheads now available in Avian-X’s hardworking and highly realistic Topflight line of waterfowl decoys

Port Clinton, OH (September 20, 2016) – He’s broad, stout, and capable of buzzing your spread at 80 mph. If he’s passing at 90-degrees, you’d better give him a good lead. 

The redhead is the energetic brawler of the waterfowl world. Seen in the hundreds and even thousands at certain staging areas along its migration, the mallard-sized redhead can often be found communing with bluebills, ringnecks and other diving species throughout its range. 

The tasty redhead drake’s striking good looks and athletic flying ability make him a welcome addition to any waterfowler’s daily bag. The trick is convincing him and his buddies to lock-up, drop the landing gear and commit to a spread of decoys. Don’t shoot until you see the gold of their eyes!

Of course, Avian-X can help.

One of three new diving duck additions to Avian-X’s popular, custom-style-painted Topflight decoy line, NEW Avian-X Topflight Redheads combine natural and welcoming poses, highly detailed paint schemes and innovative weight-forward swim keel designs to produce incredible realism on the water. As with other Topflight decoys, Avian-X uses an advanced rubberized molding material and non-chip paint to make sure these great looking decoys hold up and provide positive results for many seasons.

Molded from originals carved by world champion carver, Rick Johannsen, Avian-X Topflight Redheads are sold in a Six-Pack consisting of two High Head Drakes, two High Head Hens, one Sleeper Drake and one Sleeper Hen, a carefully conceived mix of natural and realistic poses that help convey safety and give the utmost confidence to approaching waterfowl. Topflight Redheads are slightly over-sized for enhanced visibility, measuring 15" breast to tail.


• Model SKU No: 8089

• UPC: 81028080896

• 6 Pack includes two High Head Drakes, two High Head Hens, one Sleeper Drake and one Sleeper Hen

• Decoy bodies are slightly over-sized for enhanced visibility, measuring 15”L x 8”W x 8”H

• Carved by world champion carver Rick Johannsen

• True-to-life paint schemes

• Weight-forward swim keel design allows decoys to ride true in rough water

• Advanced rubberized molding material 

• Non-chip paint 

• MSRP: $79.99


Along with Bluebills and Canvasbacks, Avian-X’s Redheads are one of three new diving duck additions to the hunter-preferred Topflight line of high-quality and ultra-realistic waterfowl decoys in 2016. Whether you’re building a new open water spread or simply looking to mix in some additional diversity, you won’t be disappointed in the top-flight quality, top-flight detail or top-flight performance of Avian-X’s new Topflight Redheads.

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