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SB 2056 and the NDBA

DC Magazine Staff


Fellow NDBA Member,


There was a clerical error in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee email link. The letter j is missing in Senator Unruh’s email address.


Here is a corrected link to email the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. This link is addressed to SB 2225, the No Trespass bill 


I’m very sorry for this mistake, I hope many of you take time to send the committee an email with your opinion.




“If you are not working to protect hunting, then you are working to destroy it” Fred Bear




Fellow NDBA Member,


I have another legislative update for you. Last week I mentioned HB 1180. This bill would eliminate law enforcement stops without reasonable suspicion. Basically it would be eliminating ND G&F dept. game checks. Turns out, this bill was primarily aimed at sobriety checkpoints and the committee amended it to allow the game checks. The bill then left the committee with a vote of 7-4 “do not pass”. It will now be voted on by all the house members. If it fails the house vote, it is done. If it passes the house, it will eventually move to the Senate for their consideration. We hope it fails. Another bill I mentioned was SB 2155. This was the “Airbow” bill. This bill left the Senate committee with a vote of 6-0 “do not pass”. The bill has already been to the Senate floor and received a failing vote of 34-10. It is done.


The next bill we think is very important to NDBA members is SB 2225, the “no trespass” bill. If passed, this bill would mean all private land is posted and would not require any form of posting.


There are many problems with all private lands being posted. Here are just a few,


  • It could mean loss of access to public lands. 
  • It could mean closures of section lines. 
  • It will mean it would make finding out who to ask for permission would become very difficult. 
  • In many parts of our state, there could be several landowners in a small area. 
  • How would you know if you were crossing on to land you do not have permission on? 
  • Many hunters rely on the posted signs for contact information. 
  • Passage of this bill would ultimately result in a loss of opportunity for many of us.


The Senate Committee Hearing on SB 2225 is set for Thursday, February 3rd. Now is the time to contact the Senate Committee members with your opinions on this bill. You can use this link to email them all at once, (this may not work well on some phones) Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. You could also visit the NDBA webpage at and find more legislative contact info there.


There are more bills that may be of interest to you, please visit the NDBA webpage to find a link to these bills. I encourage you to take a few minutes to send a short note with your opinion and opposition. Believe me, your opinions really do matter. Many times, these committee members are relying on the messages they receive to help with their decisions. We want to be sending plenty of the right messages!


Thanks for your help!




“If you are not working to protect hunting, then you are working to destroy it” Fred Bear




Fellow NDBA Member,


I thought I would give you a report on what is happening at our Capitol building these days. I am pleased to report SB 2056, the crossbow bill, has been defeated on the Senate floor. Thank you to those who took time to contact the Senators on this issue.


There are many bills on the calendar which are related to our outdoor opportunities. You can find the link to a complete list on the NDBA Webpage. Bear in mind that this list is constantly changing, as there is still time for bills to be submitted. Check often to stay up to date.


Here are a few that stand out;


  • HB 1180 – Passage of this bill would require the G&F Dept. to have reasonable suspicion for stops for violation of laws relating to wildlife. In a nut shell, passage of this bill would eliminate game checks. The NDBA does not support passage of this bill.
  • SB 2255 – Passage of this bill would make all private land posted, A “No trespass” bill. The NDBA does not support the passage of this bill.
  • SB 2155 – Passage of this bill would allow the use of an “Airbow” during any gun season. Passage of this bill would also allow those with crossbow permits to use an Airbow, which could also be equipped with electronic or telescopic sights. The NDBA will not support the passage of this bill.


I have given you just three of the many bills on the list. Visit the NDBA website for information on how you can contact the Legislators to voice your opinion.


Hope you are enjoying the nicer weather!




“If you are not working to protect hunting, then you are working to destroy it” Fred Bear



Fellow NDBA Member,


Once again, I am writing you concerning SB 2056. This bill is designed to allow those folks age 65 and over the use of a crossbow during our archery season. As you should now know, the NDBA opposes any new introduction of the crossbow into our archery seasons. We feel there is already a system in place, which can help those people with qualifying disabilities to apply for either a temporary or permanent crossbow permit.


The passage of a bill like this would most certainly change the future of Bowhunting in our state. A heritage we have enjoyed, unchanged, for more than 60 years. We don’t want this to happen!


I would like to ask for your help. Bill Helphrey, our Legislative Director and myself attended the Senate hearing on this bill. The hearing consisted of some very good conversation, but we left feeling uncertain of the outcome. We are asking for a “Do not pass’ on the bill.


The Senate Committee will be considering their decision in the next day or two. Quite possibly today. I would appreciate it if you could take a few minutes and use the contact information below to help the NDBA oppose this legislation and protect the future of Bowhunting in North Dakota.


Use this link to email the entire Committee; 

Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee


You can find complete contact info at this site;

Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Contacts


Fellow NDBA Members,

The New Year is here and so is the 2017 North Dakota Legislative Assembly. Right out of the shoot, we are dealing with a bill which affects the Bowhunters of North Dakota. SB 2056 is a bill with the intent to allow the use of a crossbow during our archery season to those folks age 65 and over. This bill will be heard by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Thursday, January 5th.

The NDBA will oppose any introduction of crossbows into our archery seasons. In many states, where crossbows have been introduced to their archery season, it is well documented that the increase in hunter numbers and the associated harvest increase has severely impacted game management strategies. In almost every case, this has resulted in shortened seasons, loss of the “over the counter” tag purchase and most importantly, a loss in Bowhunter opportunity. 

The NDBA does support the use of a crossbow during the 16 ½ day Any Weapon season.

At this time, I am not asking for a call to action from our NDBA membership. Although you are certainly welcome to contact your local representatives if you wish. I have written each Committee member, and our Legislative Director, Bill Helphrey will be on hand to testify. The NDBA is asking for a “Do Not Pass” designation on this bill.