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SDGFP News - State Record Chinook Caught


South Dakota Chinook Salmon State Record

PIERE, S.D. -- A Highmore angler had barely started his day on Lake Oahe when a fish hit his lure and created a memory to last a lifetime.

Gordon Sampson boated the 24 lb., 8 oz. Chinook salmon after only five minutes of fishing on Aug. 14. The massive fish broke the previous state record of 23 lbs., 14 oz. The record salmon was verified by Hilary Meyer, South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) fisheries biologist.

"We have had reports of several large salmon being caught, and two fish that were close to the state record," Meyer said. "The salmon on Lake Oahe are in great condition because of large numbers of bait fish, such as lake herring."

Sampson told Meyer his hands were shaking due to the excitement of his record breaking catch, and she is pretty sure there is more excitement to be had yet this season on Lake Oahe. "For the next month or better, there is a great opportunity for more big salmon to be caught."

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