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September 2018 Fall Special Edition

by DC Mag

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Here's a light look into the 2018 September 2018 Fall Special Edition...


Editorial: The Fall Transition and the "No Trespass" Reg by Jon Mitzel

Guest Editorial: A Landowners/Sportsman's Thoughts on North Dakota's Potential "No Trespass" Law by John Arman of Ultimate Outdoor Adventures TV

Letters-to-the-Editor: Relasing Big Fish by Joe Warner - No Trespass Not Good for ND by Warren & Penny Wiedenhoeft - Vote No by Patrick Miller - No Trespass Law a Disaster by Greg Hansen - "No" It is not Good for ND by Alex D. Albert

Badlands Watch: Keeping an Eye on Refineries & Bridges by Jim Fuglie

Gadget Corner: My top 5 Favorite Walleye Lures of all time by Mort Bank

Guest Editorial: Let's decide to get the lead out by Jesse Alsto



Autumn Antics by Bill Antonides

An Outdoor Career by Jason Mitchell

Land of Opportunities by John Pollman

Fall Protein Favorites by Dell Hankey



South Dakota Glacial Lakes Report: Reetz Lake Back in the Game by Brian Blackwell, Fisheries Biologist in Webster, SD

Missouri River Report: Water Levels Slowly Declining by USACE

Prairie Recall: September 1998; Missouri River Levels Continue to Drop

Look Who's Talking

Dakota Digest

Dakota Kids

ND/SD Whopper Reports

New Products

Trading Post


Last Cast



Where do you hunt? by Mike McEnroe

2018 ND/SD Fish Stocking Summary

September Sentinment by Tony Dean (reprinted from September, 1992)

ND/SD Antelope Update by DC Staff Report

Fall Bow Hunting by Jason Zins

Bobbers and Bluegills by Bill Mitzel

The Blessings of Waterfowl: A visit with John Devney, senior vice president, Delta Waterfowl of Bismarck

Habitat Mitigation by Ed Arnett

Fall Hunting Seasons Set

American Heroes Outdoors/Hometown Heroes by David Morse

Cold Water Change: Fall Walleyes by Jason Mitchell

Dog Issues: Mean seeds can be more than mean by Patricia Stockdill

Lake Oahe Chinooks Tagged: Atlantic Salmon Stocking in Final Phase

Antelope Basics by Jamie P. Olson

Fall is Time for Lake Trout by Chuck Dieter

Fall Recipes: Wild things, you make my heart healthy

Anglers/Biologist continue to benefit from technology by Doug Leier, NDGFD

Decoying Canada Geese by Tyler Heringer

Duck Brood Counts up from Last Year courtesy of NDGFD

Meditations on Plucking by Nick Lowry

Dog Training: Dog Tricks by Dan Murray of Aboslute Gun Dogs

Programs for hunting/conservation on private land by Doug Leier, NDGFD

The "No Trespass" Regulation: A visit with Terry Steinwand, North Dakota Game and Fish Director

South Dakota's No Trespass Law by Dana Rogers

Dakota Country Notebook: Falling down on the job by Bill Mitzel