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Thank you for all you do for ducks and duck hunters!

by John L. Devney

Delta Members,

I am excited to share some very good news with you. Late last week we learned that the Governor’s office and Senator Hoeven have tabled any further discussion of the Oahe land transfer which we contacted you about several weeks ago. To read the Bismarck Tribune story, Click Here. You will note the Governor’s office specifically references the calls and emails they received in opposition to the transfer.

I know many of you took the time to email the Governor’s office and we can’t thank you enough! This is a great outcome for North Dakota hunters. It is also proof that when we engage our elected officials, we can have a positive result.

Again, from all of us at Delta, thank you for all you do for ducks and duck hunters!

John L. Devney 

Vice President, U.S. Policy