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The Perfect Fall Agenda...

by Lyle Gallagher

If you love the outdoors like I do fall is more than likely your favorite time of the year. Every hunter and fisherman cant help but love this special time of year. I am getting very close to the ripe old age of seventy seven and I am as excited as ever to welcome the cool fall weather. I cant wait to see how God’s paint brush  fills the hillsides with  majestic fall colors that almost magically appear after the first frost. There is so much to look forward to this time of year you can’t possibly do it all. At this time of year life is not easy for people like me. Knowing whether to pick up your shotgun, fishing rod, rifle or bow can be a real problem. However having a good hunting dog can help you make that critical decision. My German shorthair Cowboy is one of the best I have ever owned.  I feel a man is entitled to one good hunting dog and one good women in his life and I finally have that dog. At my age you may forget a few things that you love to do.  One can always dream about the things you would like to do.  Since dreams seldom come true I decided to design the perfect fall agenda. 




1. Hunt the early Canada goose season                     (AUG)

2. Fish some small lakes for walleye and pike   (AUG..OCT)

3. Fish the Missouri River for walleye              (  OCT...NOV)

4. Camp out and hunt mule deer

    in badlands with bow                                       (Sept)

5. Fish upper Lake Sakakawea for walleye       (Sept)

 6. Work on getting hunting dog in shape             (Aug...Sept)

      for fall hunting

7. Take part in annual Early Sharp tail grouse    (Sept)

       hunt and dove          

       season (camp out with buddies included)        (Sept)

8. Prepare duck and goose decoys and blinds    (Sept)

         for waterfowl season

9. Hunt ducks and geese with decoys and blinds    (Sept...Dec)

10.   Prepare cabin and hunting equipment for       (Oct)

          pheasant season opener


11. Site in deer rifles and prepare for deer            (Nov)

          rifle season


12. Hunt deer in assigned unit for W/T doe..        (Nov)


13. Goose hunting plans will include hunting through the entire month of December


After preparing my fall agenda I realized that I have been living this agenda for many years. My father use to tell me son no matter how much you love this outdoor stuff, you just can’t do it all. I often think about what my father said and many times  ask myself  how much longer will I be able to do all  this?   Well I really don't know. But I will tell you this my friend. I will keep living my dreams and this fall agenda as long as I can. We live in the best place in the entire world Dakota Country.