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Trends in Video-taping Hunts

by DC Staff

Trends in Video-taping Hunts

With the rise in outdoor television programming, technological advancements that make videoing events easier and easy access to online outlets like YouTube, videoing hunts continues to grow in popularity among everyday hunters. In fact, according to a recent survey conducted through Southwick Associates', there has been a 68% increase over the last 5 years of those hunters who video some or all of their hunts.

Thirty percent report videoing their hunts always or frequently, while 31 percent video their hunts about half the time. Thirty-nine percent only do it occasionally.

Despite modern trends, a dedicated video camera/camcorder is still the device of choice as 39 percent of those hunters who report videoing their hunts use them. But other devices remain popular as well. Thirty-one percent use their smartphone, 23% use a helmet or mounted video camera and 7% use a still camera with video capability.