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University of Mary Fins and Feathers RECAP

by DC Staff

7th Annual Fins And Feathers Event

(Final Results based on a maximum 2 person limit of any species)


North Dakota Grand Champions

Casters & Blasters

David Morgan, John Smentana, Kyle Heim, Jeremy Remily, Aaron Silbernagel

· 4 Walleye, 2 Salmon, 16 Perch, 20 Crappie, 2 Pheasants, 2 Turkey, 1 Coyote, 4 Raccoon, 8 Ducks, 3 Canada Geese, 38 Snow Geese



1st Place Fins

Whack N Stack

Mike Peluso, Bryce Bethke, Rhett Gentzkow, Jeremiah Quam, Mark Bethke

· 10 Walleye, 2 Salmon, 20 Crappie,


1st Place Upland

Delta House

Andrew Beyer, Dale Beyer, Jordan Beyer

· 6 Pheasants, 1 Morning Dove


1st Place Fur

Team Vollan

Taylor Trenda, Matt Montgomery, Nick Behrens, Casey Kautzman, Zach Bruner

· 1 Coyote, 8 Raccoon


1st Place Waterfowl

West Side Waterfowlers

Kasey Pazdernik, Adam Boehm, Isaac Berger, Kyler Pazdernik, Matt Pazdernik

· 12 Ducks, 10 Canada Geese •




North Dakotan Grand Prize

5 Decorative Decoys

Fins Category Prize

5 Tackle Boxes

Upland Category Prize

Reversible Beanie & Shotgun Shells

Fur Category Winner

5 Knives

Waterfowl Category Winner

5 Duck Commander Calls & Shotgun Shells


Youth Table

Pro 4 Flashlight

Quick Slide Lanyard

Pro Safety Eye & Hearing

22 Cal Spinning Target

8LED Headlamp

Shoot NC Target

Shot Gun Case


Outdoors Table

Battery Tender (2)

Change & Go Starter

Pro 4 Flashlight

3 Way Receiver Hitch

40ft Extension Cord

4Pk Ratchet Strap

Gator Machete

2000lb Rope Hoist

30ft Tow Strap

Jumper Cables

Workshop Knife Sharpener

Rain Gauge


Furbearer Table

5W Multi Use Spotlight

Speak Easy Predator Call

Mouse Squeeze

Crippled Critter 

Heavy Hauler Gear Bag

Jack Rabbit Predator Call

Electronic Game Call


Turkey Table

LED Rechargeable Flashlight

Lil Hot Box Call

Power Owl

8LED Headlamp

Therma Seat

HME Seat Cushion

Strut Jake

Strut Hen


Bow Hunting Table

5W LED Spotlight

Rogue Rack Rattling System

8LED Headlamp 

Muddy Game Camera

High Back Shooter Stool

2 Jugs of Deer Lick

Dog House Ground Blind

Big Foot Tree Stand


Waterfowl Table

Green Head Decoys

Teal Decoys

Quick Slide Lanyard

Mojo Wind Duck

Shotgun Case

Metal Duck Sign

Duck Commander Goose Call

Deer Hunting Table

5W LED Spotlight

Bi Pod Shooting Stick

Metal Bad Boy Sign

Muddy Game Camera

High back Shooter Stool

Rifle Case

Deer Lick Jug

Gerber Sliding Saw

Deer Scene Paddle



Ice Fishing Table

LED USB Rechargeable Flashlight

2 Frabill Rod & Reels

2 Predator Tip Ups

Metal Ice Scoop

Strike Master Auger

Eskimo Fish 6 House

Jet Sled

2 Eskimo Chairs



Open Water Fishing Table

2 HUK Fishing Shirts

Eagle Claw Travel Rod Kit

Shimano Fishing Reel

Metal Fish Sign

Fishing Lures

4 Life Jackets

2 Flueger Fishing Rod & Reels

Shimano Fishing Bag

Electric Fillet Knife

Skeeter Hat, Shirt, Towel

Plano Fishing Box

Fishing Knife



Upland Hunting Table

Summit Trail Game Shears

Pheasant Print

Metal Pheasant Sign

Leatherman Pliers

Pheasant Retrieve Dummy

2 Hunting Vests

Four Pack Doves



Women’s Table

Expressway Gift Basket

Expressway Hot Tub Suite

Cenex Knife Set & Cutting Board

Cenex Bag

Pink Sweatshirt

3 Baseball Caps •