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Destination Devils Lake 2018 Winter Edition

by Jon Mitzel

• Destination Devils Lake... 2018 Winter Ice Fishing Edition

• Devils lake Winter Ice Ice Fishing Forecast! Welcome to Devils Lake, North Dakota! by Jason Mitzel

• Devils Lake 2018 Winter Perch Fishing Forecast provided by Devils Lake, North Dakota Chamber of Commerce

• Devils Lake Boat Ramp/Winter Access 2018 pages 8 and 9

• Devils Lake Fishing Report by Randy Hiltner, district fisheries supervisor and Todd Caspers, fisheries biologist, North Dakota Game and Fish Department, both Devils Lake, ND

• Ice Satety 101 by NDGFD

• Lake Region Anglers Association Winter Events by Johnnie Candle

• Fooling Deep Perch in Devils Lake by Jason Mitchell

• Icing Winter Walleyes on Devils Lake by Jim Cunningham

• 2018 Wounded Warriors Ice Tournement Set by David Morse

• Devils Lake -- On the top of every bucket list by Steve "Zippy" Dahl PERCH PATROL GUIDE SERVICE

• Plenty of Ice Fishing Options on DL by Mark Bry

• Devils Lake Pike Fishing by Devils Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau

• ICE FISHING TIP... Icing Winter Perch During Devils Lake's Hard-Water Season by Cody Roswick

• Sometimes Your Better Off Keeping Things Simply by Destination Devils Lake Staff

• Little Fish House on the Prairie by Bill Mitzel


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