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September 2020 Fall Special Edition

by Jon Mitzel

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September Fall 2020 Special Edition

Editorial: The best of times, the worst of time from Jon Mitzel

From the Editor... The Value of Hunting: More Than the Kill by Bill Mitzel

Letters-to-the-Editor: Hunting/Fishing Not Lost in Canada from Fred Whiting (Rapid City, SD), Questioning Canada Issues from Thomas Lovins (Noblesville, Indiana), Another Canada Jab by Roger Leistra (Sioux Falls, SD). Negative Reporting on Game, Fish and Parks by Joel Lenz.



The X Factor by Bill Antonides

Hunting Rules Vs. Hunting Ethics by Jason Mitchell

Siding with Conservation by John Pollman

Pronghorn Rebound by Nick Simonson

Big Game Gourmet Recipes by Dell Hankey


Badlands Watch: The refinery and the bridge that just won’t go away by Jim Fuglie

ND Duck Brood Numbers Up featuring Mike Szymanskie, NDGFD

Guest Editorial: The demise of the pheasant brood count by George Vandel, Pierre, SD

The Beginning by Aaron Esquibel

Taking care of wild game by Doug Leier, NDGFD

The Changing Face of Dakota Hunting by Tony Dean reprinted from Dakota Country magazine, September, 1996.

Record number of lakes stocked with walleye fingerlings by NDGFD

Changing the Rules by Nick Lowrey

The Early Season Goose Hunt by Chuck Dieter

SDGFP Commission proposes pheasant season changes

North Dakota: Is One Million Acres of New Habitat... Is it Attainable?

Sportsmen Against Hunger Changes Deer Donation Program by Ron Fowler, Sportsmen Against Hunger

Fall Walleyes by the Hour by Jason Mitchell

Bill Pfeifer: Quintessential Guide by Charley Storms, Evansville, IN

Scouting by Bill Mitzel

Sportsmen’s taxes pay for a lot of outdoor activity by Doug Leier, NDGFD

Writing and the Outdoors: Schools of thought by Mark Sahli

Bighorn Sheep Issues Always on the Table by Doug Leier, NDGFD

The Book by Bill Mitzel



South Dakota Glacial Lakes Report; Staying Ahead of AIS by Brian Blackwell, Fisheries Biologist, Webster, SD

Missouri River Report; Below normal precip west, above normal east by USACE

Dakota Recall: A look back to September 1995; Dakota Waterfowl -- Look to the North

Looks Who’s Talking

Dakota Digest

Gadget Corner by Mort Bank

ND/SD Big Fish Report

Dakota Kids

Trading Post

A Final Thought: Stan’s Antics and Friends by Terry Terrill

Last Cast

And Much More!